Report: Apple phones, Samsung may leak radiation dangerous

A large number of smart phones among users, including the iPhone 7, said epoxy S8 appeared they radiation level higher than that set by the legislators of the United States as a level safe any to these phones -sort of – is safe, as mentioned in achieve the position of Chigago Tribune brand.

If you don’t know mobile phones generally use radio frequency RF in connect to the network and send and receive data and this site is safe because they operate at a much lower radiation such as an X-ray X-Ray for example.

Since this radiation may be harmful if modified a certain extent -which is often identified by experts in the United States of America – said the site of CT experience and test a large number of phones are common among users, they have found that the iPhone 7 said taxi S8 and other smartphones from the two companies Apple and Samsung take this to the limit. Interesting in this story that tests have shown higher frequencies than those announced by Apple at the launch of its phones and that’s why the call the FBI now says the investigation into this matter.

The upper limit set by the United States is 1.6 watts per kg, which proved that these phones are -unfortunately – related to it, it’s here, it may be extremely dangerous because the waves minutes, such as those characterized by low frequency able to impact negatively on the DNA of your man and his life that next to some of the research has confirmed that staying close to for a long period of an RF power may cause types of cancers!

Source: DailyMail

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