Report: Apple plans to unify the work of the ITS applications on its various organs

تقرير: آبل تخطط لتوحيد عمل تطبيقاتها على أجهزتها المختلفة

According to a report for Bloomberg job Apple on a new mechanism to allow work applications on the operating systems different for each of iPhone, iPad and Mac within the project that have already been announced during the conference Worldwide Developers last year and known as symbolic Marzipan.

Where will the company the developers work for uniform application can work on those systems within the concept of the application provider, which in turn will use it on your iPhone, iPad and Mac in standard form but without integration between the iOS وMacOS and continue to retain them as separate.

According to the report, developers will be able to attract apps to iPad for Mac thanks to the tools package to develop new software (SDK) will be released end of this year; they will also stretch to use this mechanism to bring iPhone apps to the MacOS in the early 2020.

In didn’t know Apple from the date of the developer conference the world(WWDC), but according to the site MacRumors , it is likely to be held in the period between 3 to 7 June next, which may be announced for the iOS version 13, further updates to include Night Mode and one of the key new iPad.

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