Report: Apple sought to the acquisition of the Department of chips from Intel

Reported the newspaper “Wall Street Journal” reported that the company Apple has participated in discussions to buy the Department of industry chips season belonging to the Intel, so before you communicate with Qualcomm to settle sudden after court battles, grinding around the world.

According to the report published by the newspaper yesterday, Friday, was expected to reach the value of the transaction “few billion dollars”, but the talks finally stopped.

Analysts say that the report of the “Wall Street Journal” comes to confirm the desire of apple growing in understanding in the conduct of major acquisitions worth billions of dollars through free cash flow big. It also has more than $ 245 million in cash and cash equivalents marketable securities on its balance sheet.

It is indicated that the largest acquisition for Apple was the acquisition of the company of heaven “pizza electronics” Beats Electronics, and its Music Beats Music Beats Music, in 2014 compared to USD 2.6 million.

While Apple rely on a balanced Intel to provide chip modem LTE the newer version of phones “iPhone” the iPhone, however, the chips produced by Qualcomm is much better, which forced her to return the chips last after the announcement last week about the settlement of the legal battle is fierce between them.

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Following the announcement of the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm a few hours, announced the intel they will not develop chips modem for networks of the fifth generation. Said chief executive of Intel (Wal-Swan) to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal: “in light of the announcement by Apple and Qualcomm, our values and our future to make money from providing this technology of smart phones, and came to the conclusion then that it is not impossible.”

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