Report: Apple tops phone market thanks to devices iPhone Remanufactured


Check out the sales of phones iPhone of modern and renewed great success around the world, as a recent report revealed that the market for smart phones that have been refurbished is growing at an extremely rapid pace, and the company Apple is one of the companies that benefit from this trend thanks to the huge number of sales of phones iPhone on refurbished Refurbished, and this can be a contributing factor in the cause of enabling the company to record quarter of financial record.

Phones EVO Remanufactured

Besides the modern devices provided by Apple in markets like iPhone x , 8, 8 plus, there is a group of phones iPhone that has been refurbished and comes to the quality of similar at a lower price, and for this reason, the growth of the market of refurbished phones by 13 percent in 2017, according to CounterPoint Research , with nearly 140 million phones have been refurbished in the last year.


Despite the growth of the market phones that have been refurbished at breakneck speed, however, the trends have been slow in the market of new smartphones, which grew by only 3%, This indicates that the high prices of new phones makes consumers think of devices have been renovated, mainly the EVO.

Sales of phones iPhone

Apple Inc. said that nearly a quarter of the hardware Pre-Owned sold again, this shows that this industry has a lot of potential that is tapped is weak, the market for used phones is 10 percent of the smartphone market entirely and chooses the most customer phones EVO, the reason main behind this is the fact that the Apple company typically offer approximately four to five years of support and its organs, contrary to what the manufacturers of Android phones, and the Apple and Samsung 75 per cent of the market for used phones.

These reports are not good for companies manufacturing Android phones, especially as phones EVO also enjoy the value of resale is high, so the devices that have been renewed are marked with a slightly higher price than most of its competitors.

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