Report – Apple will begin manufacturing the iPhone in India because of a trade war with China!

The web site reported Reuters report which stated that Apple will begin to manufacture phones iPhone high specifications in India through 2019 in collaboration with the company Foxconn, which is the first time that the industry iPhone outside of China this expansion!

تقرير - آبل سوف تبدأ تصنيع الآيفون في الهند بسبب الحرب التجارية مع الصين!Report – Apple will begin manufacturing the iPhone in India because of a trade war with China!

According to the report, the company Foxconn has invested approximately $ 350 million to expand its interests in the state of Tamil Nadu located in the far south of India in order to start manufacturing phones iPhone.

One of the most important reasons that pushed Apple and Foxconn to expand the process of manufacturing the iPhone outside of China is a trade dispute existing between the United States of America, China and the attempts of the administration to impose more taxes on imports from China, including phones and the iPhone.

This expansion within the state of India would create 25 thousand jobs there, which is also part of the strategy of Apple to focus on the Indian markets which is considered one of the largest markets in the world especially with the huge faced by the sales of the iPhone there due to the intense competition, as 75% of smart phones sold there are less than 250$ so much cheaper than any iPhone.

This step may not affect the policy of Apple in the pricing of the phones iPhones although phones the iPhone has a lot of clout in the markets are Chinese, Indian and other emerging markets under the weight of intense competition with Chinese companies.

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