Report – Apple will dominate the sales of the fifth-generation phones by 2020

Don’t shoot Apple even now any phone Evo supportive networks 5G , but projections indicate it will do sales of phones fifth generation in 2020 the next according to a report issued by the foundation Strategy Analytics Market Research. تقرير - ابل سوف تسيطر على مبيعات هواتف الجيل الخامس خلال عام 2020

According to the report, Apple will get the largest percentage of sales after the launch of the phones, the faith of the supportive networks of the fifth generation next year.

Currently have Samsung the largest share in sales of phones fifth generation 5G globally, but the expansion launched during the next year will give Huawei’s further expansion in the Chinese market and gives Apple control over the American market to back Samsung to second place.

تقرير - ابل سوف تسيطر على مبيعات هواتف الجيل الخامس خلال عام 2020

Factors that will help Apple is adding support for fifth-generation networks in all phones of faith that will launch through the year 2020 and not limiting it only to specific editions.

Likely to learn the Apple loco on your apple sliced using a contact “Season” your Kuala after the settlement of the litigation between them.

On the other side of the control of Huawei to the Chinese market in the sales of fifth-generation phones will use will not be affected by the decision of the U.S. ban, which will not hurt the Chinese consumer in something.

5G will provide a faster connection speed to the internet between 1 to 2 GB per second but so far there are only limited areas in the world with the infrastructure fitted to it, but a lot of states and companies are now working on it.

Utility 5G

Using this type of communication will be able to download large files in seconds or listen to high-quality videos without chopping, and shorten a lot of the time.

These examples are simplified for personal use is a small part of the impact of these new networks on our lives in the future, applications of the operation of the treaty we have more advanced and complicated.

Of it: self-driving cars, the technology augmented reality, smart cities, artificial intelligence, as well as great expectations in the medical and industrial, and all thanks to super speed and large data capacity that will provide it.

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