Report: Apple will make the Mac Pro in China in collaboration with the company Quanta Computer

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Still the crisis the trade between the United States of America, China level, but it is clear that Apple’s expectations on the solution close to it; being you want to make your Mac Pro in China in collaboration with the company Quanta Computer, as reported by the report of the Wall Street Journal.

As noted in the report to the Press that the American company would like to save the manufacturing line is ready to Mac Copy Pro 6000 dollars to China, be it the last of its organs joining to the plan of ten in collaboration with with millions of companies in China, and we Here company Quanta Computer, which cooperates with Apple in manufacturing its smart Apple Watch and devices the MacBook.

Where lies the importance of this step in reducing expenditures and operating expenses in production, the reason here is the lack of cost of raw materials availability, as is the case for the Labour which is Cheaper Than in the United States.

The delegation of the source, the production of the Mac Pro will be in a factory near the nine and the interests of the providers Apple TV and others, to help this also in reducing the cost of shipping.

The Observer disputes the two countries ‘ economic exploitation, for which she chose the Apple TV to do this process in case you will report, still things are complicated already, perhaps you may witness the coming days or weeks, an escalation of the economic war that is not reached agreement on the differences or go back to the negotiating table, to say the least.

Where the imposition of both China and the United States of additional fees on goods imported between them and the apartment met my share of great ones, where the impact of the fees on the sales of companies, including Apple; due to the high price to the consumer especially in the United States, which lifted the value of the customs on goods imported from China for 25%.

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