Report: Apple will reveal the iPad Pro and Mac devices in addition to different next Tuesday

تقرير: آبل ستكشف عن آيباد برو وأجهزة ماك بالإضافة للابتوب مختلف الثلاثاء القادم

Don’t separate us only a few days from the event Apple announce the iPad and Mac, which will be held next Tuesday at the Academy of music in Brooklyn. According to Bloomberg , Apple will reveal iPad Pro’s design, updated and a laptop to replace MacBook Air plus a Mac Mini and mg for the former in terms of design and added features.

Speaking of the iPad Pro, according to those close to the company, spacious and with Face detection Face ID that will be used to unlock and lock the device, and thus the abolition of the master key in the screen sensor fingerprint, while the charging port and transfer data different from the previous version will be of the USB Type C; which is considered the first time you bring an Apple charging port standard to their own devices, it will be your LCD screen but the edges, and will enjoy a strong, fast processor powers for the first time will contain the iPad on-chip graphics, custom-made Company, and of course by Apple with updates, new In the design of the new Air Pro tends to show the corners of the Square in the form close to the version for iPhone of the previous SE and 5S.

As for the company’s production of the Mac is expected to reveal many of the updates you have, where you replace MacBook Air with laptop screen 13-inch with high precision depends by the edges of the skinny as a framework for the perimeter according to a source close.

As for the Mac Mini it would first upgrade the processor since 2014 to get a new processor very suitable for professionals that need high performance, while other updates will be all of the iMac وiMac Pro in addition to MacBook screen 12 inch processor new, but not sure if I will these last in the knee Apple devices, which will be revealed Tuesday.

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