Report: Apple will reveal the iPhone New twice in the year

Today came out a new report on the site of CNBC famous documents the expectations of analysts J. P. Morgan about Apple’s strategy envisaged for the year 2021 where they stopped to Apple and the beginning of that year will begin in the put of the iPhone every year, one in spring and the other in the holiday season at the end of the year.

That new strategy and if followed by the Apple, it will help the company in further diversification of products as well as the specification of the products themselves and on top of that products find the iPhone of course, so no doubt this strategy will see positive returns in terms of profits and sales, but they will see negative returns on the users themselves, such as the rapid decline of the value of their phones.

If I follow Apple of this strategy is that you will approach companies such as Huawei and Samsung, which pose a large number of phones each year in different categories, but as we have already stated that it will be negative and positive at the same time.

Now it’s your turn to develop your mind and we’ve talked about this new strategy!

Source: GSMArena

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