Report: big brands kill World e-sports to attract young people

A new report reveals that a wide variety of brands – ranging from companies to snacks to car manufacturers – are trying to reach one of the most important population groups around the world, namely: lovers of e-sports.

She said the company “Nielsen” Nielsen in a report published on Wednesday: if these brands looking for a foothold in the advertising market games Electronic Sports, and the ratio of the marketing situation of firms is not linked to the games, during the broadcast of the video games, competitive sports electronic in 2018, approximately 39%.

Said Nicole Pike, managing director of the company “Nielsen reports” Nielsen Esports, for the lovers of video games: “of all the forms of entertainment, their passion for the most part it is video games”.

These companies are called “non-endemic”, because it does not correspond naturally with e-sports; such as those that manufacture computers, custom games, and games, chairs, and other equipment.

According to the report, “Nelson”, the list of brands of “non-endemic” in this sector, which includes companies such as: “State Farm” State Farm, Disney, Spotify, Toyota, Mastercard, “chase ET” Cheez-It, and “Hershey’s” Hershey, “kicking Chipotle” Chipotle, and the “Sephora” Sephora, and many others.

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Referred to to share areas of e-sports whether in person or online, is experiencing extensive. According to the report, the age of most fans of this sport are usually ranges between 18 and 35 years, and this category that she is willing to spend; it has severed its relationship with television the traditional and related ads.

According to the report, 61% of watch my e-sports on Twitter Twitch – which is one of the months platform broadcast and watch E-sports – do not watch TV per week, making traditional forms of marketing is a challenge for brands.

But the report of the “Nelson” found that access to this population group about the way e-sports is paying off, as could 90% of my e-sports platform “Twitter” label to at least one of the “non-endemic” sponsor for that competition.

Experts say advertising, e-sports: the brands that demonstrate a real interest in this area more successful compared to those that only show its logo in one of the events.

She said the company “Nielsen”: the lovers electronic sports watch a total of 550,000 hours of sports competitions.

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