Report: chip A12 in the iPhone XS faster than the chip A11 40%

Two days ago out the location of the AnandTech report of the in-depth review of the iPhone XS and XS Max, has included new details about how a powerful chip A12 Bionic new in the latest iPhone.

Threw the report look very detailed on the performance of the A12 in the iPhone XS XS Max. One of the most interesting discoveries is that Apple has fulfilled its promise in the fact on how fast the new chip compared to A11, where it reached the top speed increased by 40% compared to what referred to by Apple and is increased in speed by 15%.

It also mentions that the chip A12 close in terms of performance of the “best CPUs for the desktop”, this gives further credence to the rumors that turned the Apple TV to use the strips in its own devices, macOS as soon as possible by the year 2020.

When it comes to processing unit GPU graphics new, the report says the results rose to the level of allegations of Apple, as the nuclear fourth, the host thanks to the increase in performance to new levels. But it remains the only negative thing is the high temperature of the phone a lot in the first minutes of a session of play.

As the investigation report also in the performance of the camera and the battery for the iPhone XS.

In terms of the camera, has made Apple some very powerful enhancements, as the pixel size increased allowing for new advisory of increased light sensitivity by 50%. As the Smart HDR as promised Apple TV, as it is able to produce images with dynamic range optimizer.

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