Report confirms Apple will not change the port Lightning in phones iPhone next

Published a new report on the internet about the specifications of phones the iPhone killer, as stressed in the report on the launch of versions of the 2019 standards suitable Lightning, also offer Apple charger 5W USB-A also phones with the iPhone, which launches this year.


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Leaves a lot of users in the new versions of Apple this year phones iPhone, particularly with the decline in revenue for Apple from the sales of the last versions that were launched in 2018 which did not provide a significant change in the design attracts a lot of users.

With a lot of expectations that indicated to change the Apple outlets Lightning this year in versions of the iPhone, to replace them with USB ports C, however, a new report published today via Macotakara confirmed that Apple is prepared to use suitable Lightning in versions this year.

Has been referred to an earlier report indicated that Apple began to test some models of phones and iPhone with USB C, however, Macotakara knew to the diversion of certain often depend on the suppliers of Apple in China, and manufacturers of accessories of Apple also, where the previously predicted climate change Lightning in the iPad Pro for 2018 to a USB port C.

Report of Macotakara also confirmed that the charging technology will not disappear in versions this year, so come phones iPhone charger 5W USB-A this year, too, so users will need to also buy a USB-C cable separately to get the Quick Charge feature in phones and the iPhone.

Recall that the choice of Apple to continue using the standards of Lightning in phones for 2019 is of steps expected from the technology giant, as he came to change the port in the iPad Pro 2018 for compatibility with accessories and accessories that are needed by the user with these devices, only phones and the iPhone won’t need to contact a lot of accessories so I won’t resort to Apple for this change at the current time.


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