Report : cows differ networks the 5G by humans in Britain

تقرير : الابقار تختبر شبكات الـ 5G قبل البشر في بريطانياreport : cows differ networks the 5G by humans in Britain

Report : cows differ networks the 5G by humans in Britain

It looks like we may have to learn how it will affect the use of 5G on the cows before you put them most of the human under test, according to a report recently published.

Entered South Korea already history by being the first country to succeed formally in the operation of networks of the fifth generation and utilization on a commercial scale last week, with the release of the Samsung also version integrated with this new generation of phone its Galaxy Note 10 .

Go back to the report of the cows, in the south west of England, are now rising 50 cows dairy collars smart high moving speed in the systems of the ring mechanism, a way to test the potential of networks to the 5G in agriculture.

More news network the 5G on the WOT should

And Cisco Systems Inc that make this trade, it’s a chance to learn how to measure networks and the 5G data transfer between the sensors faster than a broadband connection current.

But how does it work the sensors? When you enter the cow to the station circuit, the stem collar of the machine to start pumping, the company stresses that the speed of the fifth generation will be Apps Faster. It is reported to humanity .

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