Report: details of the model Galaxy S10 phone Samsung folding

Before today, it was to determine credibility of leaks Samsung phones the base’s spiky, even explained to a Bloomberg report out the last details of the line Samsung phones leading in 2019.

Although the report of Bloomberg enjoys the credibility of being comes from an internal source, some of the details may be inaccurate and are subject to the final at the last moment.

The report claims that Samsung is preparing to launch three models of the Galaxy S10 to come at least one of the support networks of the fifth generation.

He adds that the version plus of the S10 will feature a bigger battery just for the regular version which will come with a screen for 5.8 inch curved camera background three of the fingerprint reader integrated to the network.

The Second Amendment, which will promote at a cheap rate, there are flat more flat, probably comes Reader Prints either side. Although the report did not mention the preparation of the rear camera, is expected to be mono.

Did not mention the reports identify three-dimensional facial Face ID provided by Apple iPhone X and more recently Huawei in dead 20 Pro, while confirmed the layout of the Samsung remove the outlet clear of the traditional phones, but likely survived the phones S10 of this resolution, as confirmed not coming phones S10 revelation, where mention of “the pillars of the circular of the phone, and barely held the edges of the upper and lower”.

For the phone rollaway, it seems that Samsung hasn’t done the final design yet, which means that what we will see in November just model of the phone, and perhaps a detail about its features and its user and what it can add to the portability of the fold to try to use.

It is reported that there are two designs for the phone removable folding neighbour of their experience, both folded in the side of the machine on the other side, when the folded, have one side longer than the other vertically or horizontally.

It is said that the phone Caesar 200 grams, and comes reader fingerprint integrated to the network, the size of the battery, wouldn’t it be great to maintain the slim design as much as possible, as it will be by private of Android has engaged Google in developing what may delay the commercial launch of the phone until the third quarter of 2019.

Source: Bloomberg

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