Report disturbing, says that two-thirds of anti-virus applications on the Android platform, is the risk of


Designed apps anti-virus to give you peace of mind where if you clicked accidentally on a link bomb or an email bomb, you know that your device is protected necessary to some extent. Fortunately, there are many anti-virus applications that it be difficult for you to sometimes choose one among them, but the sad thing is that most of it is about the application of fraudulent and do not perform the function required of them.

This is according to the test conducted by AV-Comparatives , the Austrian specializing in Test anti-virus applications which discovered that it was between 250 and application of the anti-virus on Android, they discovered that two-thirds of these applications are not applications anti-virus but let it only. He said they test these apps by installing malware on devices to see if apps can recognize them, this is what worked 80 apply only between 250 application.

However, this application of the eightieth can only capture 30 percent of malware, which means they are still not able to protect you entirely when you browse the internet on your mobile device. Police found also that few of these apps didn’t even search for malware. Instead, all she had to do is use the White list and black list based on the names of the App Bundle. This resulted in discrimination of some apps on Android devices on it is harmful just to the names of the packages that you use weren’t in the White list.

The researchers also found that it was creating a worrying number of these apps by the same developer, where the looks of most of these applications are similar to each other, with a greater focus on display ads rather than protecting users. It’s a little disconcerting. but if you are interested in protecting yourself, you can visit some reliable websites and specialized to get the best apps anti virus for Android devices.

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