Report: employees at Snapchat misread the use of their privileges spied on some users of the product

تقرير: موظفين في سناب شات أساؤوا استخدام امتيازاتهم وتجسسوا على بعض مستخدمي المنصة

Reported site of the Motherboard that some of the staff of the company, Snapchat has misread the use of their privileges, which allows them to access some of the data users of the product for the purposes of spying on them, where have the House of special tools enables access by multiple departments in the company data concerning its users.

Came the report of the site according to particular interests, as well as for former employees in the organization underlined that the number of employees of the company may have already violated users ‘ data via the tool provided by the organization and which remain available for two current, allowing access net users are saved images, videos, and location data as well as personal data of the e-mail address and phone number.

The report explained that one of those tools that you use to kiss those employees claim to SnapLion, which is originally prepared in order to comply with the court’s decisions to gather information about the users of the warrants were legal according to the staff of the former police.

In the added one that the Department of control spam and abuses may have been authorized to access the data of the users also, since it is believed that this tool used by them now to fight harassment and violations on the House.

The Mail got team site Motherboard information about staff in the department in the area called “Customer Ops” they can use the tool SnapLion in addition to the team in charge of security in Snapchat.

As for Snape it is for her part, is always stressed on systems and means of security in the house where it doesn’t retain data about their users as reported by the spokesman, at which time he said the site he was not able to ascertain the level of abuse suffered by data users affected.

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