Report: engine, Facebook relied on inaccurate information

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تقرير: محررو فيسبوك يعتمدون على معلومات غير دقيقة

Defended Facebook from the new policy and its attorneys and staff of the content, including, rejecting media reports claiming that thousands of Supervisors on the content, including relying on a series of PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets that contain inaccurate information and the organization of old to determine the content allowed on the social network, which is indicated by the report issued by the New York Times.

The newspaper said the documents up to more than 1400 pages and is used to guide the more than 7500 a project at Facebook regarding their consent or refusal to their content, she explained that one of these slides describe inaccurately Bosnian war criminal Ratko Mladic Ratko Mladic that he is still a fugitive, although he had been arrested in 2011, while there are other partner describes the wrong Indian law.

The organization clarified that the debate about moderation of content should be based on facts, where he said: “The New York Times is right that we update our policies regularly to take into account the criteria of cultural, linguistic, constantly changing all over the world. But this process is far from customized for specific purposes”.

Added Facebook they make changes to the policies list depending on the new trends seen by the reviewers and comments from inside and outside the company, in addition to unexpected changes in accordance with what happens on the ground, and what is referred to by the press as a morning meeting between the engineers and lawyers to try to address issues more than 100 different language is in fact a global forum held every two weeks to discuss potential changes to its policies.

Said company social media: “claimed the New York Times wrong when we discussed our efforts to reduce hate speech in Myanmar and we we allowed, through PowerPoint slides wrong, just radical group prominent accused of inciting genocide to stay at home for several months, but we actually, we have identified a range of Ma Ba Tha as hate in the month of April 2018, i.e. before six months of facing the press with us for the first time about this story”.

According to Facebook, I started home immediately remove the content which represents or bending or supporting Organization Ma Ba Tha in the month of April, both through surveys and proactive for the content or when receiving reports of users, the team responsible for security on Facebook of about 30 thousand people, of which about 15 thousand people from the staff and reviewers of the content around the world.

The report also claimed that the staff on the content depend on the materials used to explanations are incorrect for some of the Indian laws, where you tell the documents the parties to any participation detract or criticize religions constitute a violation of Indian law, and must be reported and identified removable, describes other documents that should be on the staff search for the phrase “Free Kashmir”, in spite of the legality of this feeling, as it is warning them to ignore the posts that used this phrase can know Facebook to in India.

Explained Facebook that the employees are working according to a system of quotas, and compensation of auditors does not depend on the amount of content you see him, and not expect reviewers to rely on Google Translate, as it is providing them with training, resources and support, while the report said that the supervisors are getting a low income, working under stressful conditions, so you should review all the publications in less than ten seconds and to a publication in today, with the use of Google Translate.

For 2018, my personal challenge has been to focus on addressing some of the most important issues facing our community…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, December 28, 2018

The gate Arab News Technical Report: engine, Facebook relied on inaccurate information

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