Report: Facebook is collecting data 187,000 people use an app banned by Apple

Show report – new company Facebook managed to get personal data and sensitive about 187,000 people use the application of the research, which was banned by Apple earlier this year after violating its rules.

Said the giant social networking of America, in the letter sent to the Office of Senator (Richard Blumenthal), was acquired by the site (Tech Crunch) TechCrunch: it’s the collection of data for 31,000 users in the United States, including 4,300 facilities. Came the rest of the data collected from users in India.

Earlier this year, the investigation site (Tech Crunch) to my company Facebook and Google see the use of the certificates of the developers of the institutions that issued by Apple, and to allow staff to only run apps iPhone, iPad, and used within the company only.

The investigation found that the two companies were building and applications to consumers outside of the store, the App Store, in violation of the rules of Apple. Were those apps Pay users to collect data regarding how participants used their devices, understand the habits of application through access to all network data, the entering and leaving of devices.

After the discovery of it, banned Apple application cancellation of certificate the developers of the private companies to Facebook, then the certificate to Google at a later time. The abolition of the certificate, all the internal applications of your company’s the two that depend on the certificate itself had been abolished.

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But in response to the questions of the legislators, said the apple: she did not know the number of devices that proved to be the application of Facebook, which violates its rules. But it confirmed that the app was established in 19 April 2017, but Facebook said the app was established in the year 2016.

It is indicated that the application of “research” that relied on participants wishing downloaded from outside the app stores, and the use of certificates to developers issued by Apple to install applications. After that, install applications certificate web root, which allows it to collect all data from the device, such as: the history of web browsing, messages encrypted, the activity of mobile apps, including also the data of their friends, in order to competitive analysis.

This report comes (Tech Crunch) the day after the announcement, Facebook announced the launch of their new application (stdin) Study ad hoc for research purposes, which brings the data of the users own smartphone applications, and features that they use within these applications, the time spent in it, and that paid financial.

Leads new application the purpose of which was played by the app, which was banned by Apple, but with the provision of more transparency, and the compensation of all participants, and keep users ‘ information safe and impervious, said Facebook in a post on her blog.


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