Report: Facebook looking to buy one of the companies key protection

تقرير: فيسبوك تسعي لشراء إحدى شركات الحماية الرئيسية

Crisis has affected recent hack on Facebook, significantly the latest developments around affected 29 million account directly and the risk of the company subject to large fines, the company is now seeking all ways to not fall prey to the gaps and errors of the software again, by targeting her and their several offers to buy the protection of the security of computerized violin text of the report of The Information, where going to the social network to purchase one of the company of the president in the field of protection from piracy and computer security.

The site also mentioned that Facebook had actually made offers to some competent companies, but without mentioning names, he also mentioned being Zuckerberg and his team in a quest to buy software system that can incorporate it into his service; such as a tool that can indicate attempts to hack or protect the accounts of individuals, you will see a good deal of Facebook avoidance its faults software related security and continuous since period of at the very least, were the Square in front of the legislators in charge of that match by failing to work to protect the data of users of its social network, and therefore return the trust of users, which has been significantly affected in recent years.

The report did not mention a specific time to implement the Facebook to plan their new acquisitions on the company data protection, but it is natural to expect leadership by the completion of this step before the end of the year.

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