Report: Facebook spent $ 20 billion last year on personal security for Zuckerberg

Demonstrated organizational report published on Friday that the financial compensation obtained by the founder of the company, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, for 2018 has increased more than doubled to approximately 22.6 million USD.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg was getting a basic salary from the company, Facebook the capacity of just one dollar over the past three years, except that the other compensation received from the company amounted to 22.6 billion USD, almost half of which is dedicated to safe personal.

The increase in spending on personal security for Zuckerberg to a difficult situation who is appointed by Facebook, which spent the past year reeling from the scandal, “Cambridge Analytica” and the public outrage that followed them, so we also had to deal with the increasing hostility towards its founder.

Showed the report of the executive also to director of operations Sheryl Sandberg got $ 23.7 million in 2018 compared with $ 25.2 million last year. It was about $ 2.6 million from the compensation obtained by the Zuckerberg’s compensation for personal travel on a private jet, the remaining amount is linked to the costs of personal security.

The report also: “given the clarity of high of our company, it has authorized the compensation committee and governance our programme of comprehensive security for Mr. Zuckerberg to address safety concerns due to specific threats to his safety arise directly as a result of his position as the founder of the US, and chief executive officer, the chairman of the board of Directors, is the controlling shareholder”.

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It is indicated that the disclosure of the compensation earned by Zuckerberg comes nearly a month after the publication of a news report reported that the Facebook CEO has a secret passageway to escape under the conference hall at the headquarters of the company, in order to use it in case of emergency, after realizing that he has become; because his company, faces the risk of exposure to a lot of haters.

The report, published by the website “Business Insider” Business Insider, Zuckerberg was not aware of the importance of protection, insist on the business unit initially, in the beginning of the current decade, as he decides on his own out of the office, or go for a jog, or to the bar, leaving his staff and security rush on potentially important protection.

The report quoted Facebook employees to the campaign team consists of 70 people led by the former agent in the US Secret Service, Jill Levin Center Jones. In the month of July last, agreed the management of Facebook to allocate $ 10 million to protect the Zuckerberg and his family, for a year.

Referred to to Zuckerberg, who enjoys wide popularity with more than 118 million followers on his page on Facebook, is also facing due to the policies of the company, the scandals repeated threats severe, as it receives many death threats each week, and the security team monitors the network to discover threats.

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