Report: Facebook to go back on ads inside WhatsApp

Report: Facebook to go back on ads inside WhatsApp

Reported the newspaper (Wall Street Journal) on Thursday announced that Facebook reneged on its previous plan to display ads within the application instant messaging famous of WhatsApp.

The Press that the team that was working on a mechanism to display ads inside WhatsApp has a solution in recent months, so the work it was removed from the code WhatsApp. But the newspaper noted that Facebook still aspire to integrate ads into feature (case) to keep the app in general without ads.

Referred to that the desire of Facebook to make money from app WhatsApp – which was acquired in 2014, compared to US $ 22 million – was cause for the resignation of the founder, co (Jan Koum) of Facebook in 2018, after months of the resignation of co-founder the other (Brian Acton) due to a dispute over privacy and targeted advertising.

According to the report, the undo merge the ads, make Facebook focus on the features of WhatsApp which “will allow businesses to connect with customers and organize those communications”. He stated that the pile Acton was worried that the business letters you will find the WhatsApp on weakening encryption end-to-end. But this was all before he declared (Mark Zuckerberg) – co-founder and CEO of Facebook – last year announced plans to move gradually away from public posts for the system of correspondent standard encrypted via Facebook, and WhatsApp, the enter. It seems that this plan is inconsistent with the declarations, it is difficult to display ads in an encrypted environment.

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