Report: FBI delay alerts hack

Treats the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI of the weakness in performance in relation to the implementation of its victims of cyber attacks, according to the findings of the report the U.S. government released earlier this week.

And continue to the report issued by the Office of the inspector general at the Ministry of justice that the notices and the FBI arrive either too late, or they contain insufficient information to victims on procedures to be taken.

The report analysed the Cyber Guardian, an application to the FBI to store information about the tips and the ongoing investigation.

The system also allows the customers to enter details about the victims, suspects, and who can develop Cyber Guardian alerting them later via the automated message.

The report said that FBI agents don’t use the system as it should.

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Revealed interviews with 31 client to 29 get information about the victim in a master class called “procedure”, rather than the category to “alert”the victim.

Are dealing with the category of “action” on it is Investigations, active, and deliberate this category necessarily to send e-mail messages instant for his services, as is the case with what happens for the input under the category of “alert”the victim.

This means that the customer adds to the time needed for victims to pay attention to the occurrence of the violation and take action to effectively protect.

The audit also found that FBI agents committed mistakes when filling out the information of the victim, the investigators found the typographical errors, dates incorrect, errors in the classification of the severity of the condition.

The report revealed that alerts victims also vary in terms of type and quality.

And some customers are very meticulous in the description of the incidents that they have recorded فيCyber Guardian, which allowed victims to obtain alerts useful contain IP addresses linked to the activity of harmful, dates, and instructions for dealing with the effects of the attack.

While some customers details are very few, to the detriment of victims, has also been created many contradictions not completed by the customers themselves.

He wrote the inspector general in the report: “we found that existing data in the Cyber Guardian incomplete, and unreliable, which makes the agency unable to determine whether he had been alert all of the victims”.

The audit found also that the process of development of infringement can be improved, if the agency contracted to the FBI with other agencies, the reputation of the place these agencies to enter data فيCyber Guardian, which helps in enriching the quality of some of the contradictions.

Cook the FBI’s new system allows CyNERGY to محلCyber Guardian, so that the system provides the new improvements compared to the current system.

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