Report: Google can orders and voice recordings to the users of her voice

تقرير: قوقل تستمتع للأوامر والتسجيلات الصوتية لمستخدمي مساعدها الصوتي

The report revealed channel albroodcast Belgian VRT NWS on the mechanism used by Google to get more data from users across the path of their voice to develop it, where the report indicated that there is a staff to listening for voice commands and recordings random also requested by a user Assistant Google .

Where the report indicated that the arrival of the Google for this information and came to the following user’s consent to privacy policies for the use of the device (Google Home) for example-backed with her smartphone.

To be a user consent to these policies serve as a key to access the invasion of his privacy and listen to its amendments by Google, without a clear reference to the human observer or listener if you will.

Which means that it does not exist for the principle of privacy to the general concept while using the aid of voice both of the first other, the report noted, earlier لـBloomberge to that Amazon is the other did the same thing.

So that assistance to the household (Amazon Echo) you record voice commands requested by the user and then send contractors with the police to listen to her, for the purpose of improving the artificial intelligence systems used in the management system by voice.

It includes his recordings of the region motion information and private data about users, such as name and address, in addition to private information about the details of their personal lives daily.

And what makes it worse is that a lot of those recordings captured were the orders of the voice issued by the error, i.e., that the user wasn’t paying attention the fact that the voice assistant for every Google or Amazon is activated with key words may be released in the modern context.

As is the stand out technology companies such verbs as work on the development of its systems, develop ways to better sound is the argument here.

Where said spokesman for Google that the proportion of recordings that are listen to by the contractors not to exceed 0.2% of the total recordings that are copied, as they do not contain any identifiable information about the users.

But this is not sufficient justification by the Google to avoid any dependencies for such a violation; which may expose them to face the penalties of the door not clarified in the Sassi of privacy that the forces of human labour are listening to the recordings of users helping them access my.



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