Report: Google is preparing to finish the Play Music and replace the service of YouTube Remix

Google ready to finish the application Google Play Music and make room to serve others focus on music to YouTube remix YouTube Remix.

Although the app is already installed on all smartphones of the treaty from the Google Play store, Google Play, Google Play Music is difficult to compete with the rest of the names such as Spotify Spotify Apple TV music Apple Music and iHeartRadio and Pandora Pandora, and the latest data from Business Insider, the market share development of Google music amount to 6 percent only in comparison with the proportion of 32 percent to serve Pandora Pandora and 18 percent service Spotify Spotify.

According to a new report, Google is ready to finish the app and make room to serve others, so that is supposed to launch a giant search of a new service focused on music called youtube remix YouTube Remix to replace Google Play Music.

It seems that this service is being developed already some time ago, where the rumors appeared on the streaming service branded youtube commercial for the first time in December 2017, according to the rumors, will take the YouTube Remix a different approach to music compared to Google Play Music, through a focus on better recommendations in addition to the ability to run video clips with the music.

During the earlier, confirmed the chief executive in the YouTube Lyor Kohen having remix Remix, adding it is working to integrate the best in Play Music and YouTube together, and that the company put great investment in services launch of the new product boasts.

Due to the long time required by the process of the development of the service YouTube Remix and the current state of the process of the development of the Play Music app, it makes sense in the end to cancel the latter and to the new service in a new step that will simplify the efforts of Google music.

According to a spokesperson for YouTube “we announced earlier about the merger between working within the products YouTube Music and Google Play, and for being the music are very important to google, it is important to offer one that meets the needs of customers and artists. Won’t change anything for users today, we will provide plenty of notification before making any changes”.


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