Report : Google to raise the equivalent of the profits of the industry news in the United States fully from the publishers

تقرير : جوجل تربح بما يعادل ارباح قطاع الاخبار في الولايات المتحدة بالكامل من الناشرينreport : Google to raise the equivalent of the profits of the industry news in the United States full of publishers

Company has made “Google” the sum of US $ 4.7 billion through the search engine and “Google News”, and the work of news publishers 2018, according to a study of”Alliance Media” (News Media Alliance).

Can alliance more than two thousand newspaper in the United States, among them “New York Times” published the news.

He said the president and CEO of the alliance, David Chávez exercising, the journalists who create this content deserve a percentage of the $ 4.7 million USD, explained, “they earn money from this arrangement, there must be a better results for news publishers”.

And the coalition, in his report of the new part on a study conducted by the company “Keystone strategy” consulting economic. Considered a “keystone” on the statistical was published in 2008, when as much as one of the officials of the “Google” that the service “Google News” has made $ 100 million.

The study noted also the size of the company’s revenue which has grown since then, among other factors.

According to the study, news is an important part of the work “Google“, and around 40% of clicks on search in the statute is the news.

This content does not pay “Google” for it, according to the report, although it often offers the headlines of news outlets literally.

And $ 4.$ 7 billion to nearly $ 5.1 billion dollars made by the sector of the news industry of the United States as a whole, from Digital Advertising last year.

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