Report – hearing of AirPods Studio are headphones coming from Apple!

Apple intend to launch headphones New its brand name AirPods for the first time under the name of AirPods Studio according to another outbound delivery for the channel Front Page Tech on YouTube.

AirPods Studio

Apple will make on this step is exploited to the overwhelming success achieved by headphones AirPods wireless reset different since 2016 and even now.

Headphones AirPods Studio will differ from the rest of the heavens because they will be the kind of headphones large size, not like the ear small series AirPods.

This type of wireless headphones are used to see from Apple under the brand owned also Beats so this is not surprising because Apple already has a similar products is not difficult to recycle it and put it up as a new level of success Series AirPods and its big.

Headphones AirPods Studio coming from Apple will be of the specification of the classy with a characteristic noise cancellation Noise Cancellation, this course will be reflected on the price tag, which will be in the range of 350 USD.

Headphones AirPods Studio will enter into the actual production in the month of May current, to be launched during the last quarter of the year, with phones Evo 12 ahead.

Abandon the Beats for?

It must also be noted that this does not mean that Apple will abandon the brand Beats to replace its AirPods as stated above the most common.

Audio products such as headphones and ear of Apple AirPods and Beats will remain with the combined according to earlier reports published by the website 9to5mac.

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