Report: hostile takeover close to AWeber for its rival in the Middle East “cream”

تقرير: استحواذ قريب لأوبر على منافستها في الشرق الأوسط "كريم"

Citing a website Bloomberg , according to a source close to Uber the company is in the midst of a negotiation process to acquire its rival in the Middle East “cream” is putting the finishing touches to improve its grip on the area of delivery services in the region.

Where it is expected that the process of acquisition of apartments cash and equity investments within the package of three billion dollars, is expected to lead Uber announced over the next few weeks according to the source who reported that the transaction under final review.

The cream of the largest tech companies emerging in the Middle East, amounting to one billion dollars, following a financing round in 2016, knowing that both companies have had problems of principle last July to study to offer their services to customers common system in the Middle East for the purpose of organizing, conflict resolution, competitiveness in between on the coast.

It is worth noting that AWeber touts style trend of investment in many fields, including food delivery services and logistical support as well as bicycles, electric and self-driving, where do you think the acquisition is part of a planned expansion, which means Batman their complete control in more than 100 civilian and serve cream now.

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