Report.. “Instagram” is the most dangerous to small children

A recent report reveals the most dangerous social media platform for children, where he pointed to Instagram as the most frequently used by pedophiles to lure little.

Instagram the most dangerous to children

Experts warn of mental health permanently, from the risk of social media platforms on humans, specifically small children, however, the newest report issued from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children in the United Kingdom “NSPCC”, has gone to is beyond that.

The detection of the last report about the crises of control and sexual abuse to younger people through social media platforms, when he said that Instagram is the most dangerous in this regard, especially for girls between 12 on Lifetime, where is that class is the most vulnerable to crimes of sexual harassment or inferred through the internet.

She explained to the National Assembly for the Prevention of cruelty against children, such crimes are based on calls to the victim, via social media platforms, what you should warn parents of the seriousness of leaving the kids in order to browse those apps and websites without a control.

Not Instagram alone

Noted the report of the NSPCC to be the platform of Instagram has seen about 32% of crimes, harassment and abuse, which you know not of children through social networking sites recently, in came the Facebook following by 23%, then Snapchat by 14%, taking into account that the offences have increased on the pages of Instagram by 200% in just one year, specifically between the years 2017 and 2018.

Followed by a spokesperson for Facebook and Instagram on the last report, in a statement to Mashable, saying: “to maintain the security and safety of children and the Prevention of our social is our main concern, as is any violation of the right of these kids is totally unacceptable”, adding: “We have recently been using more sophisticated techniques, with a view to stop the tide of these crimes for the protection of our young children, this is next to our cooperation with the police and CEOP, which is responsible for the protection of children from cyber crimes

For its part, sees Peter Wanless, chief executive لـNSPCC, her last report, that the men of political intervention now, after a failed social media platform in the protection of young children, after about 10 years of trying, the recipe.

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