Report – iOS update 14 will be filled with issues such as iOS 13 thanks to the policies of Apple New!

Before the launch of the iOS update 13 , more than two months and during this period Apple launched several updates to the sub to fix the problems associated with the process at all, which prompted the development of policies in the development of operating systems and its organs.تقرير - تحديث iOS 14 لن يكون مليئاً بالمشكلات مثل iOS 13 بفضل سياسات ابل الجديدة!

Policies new development will not be limited to iOS only, but will include other systems such as macOS for Mac and watchOS for smart watches and tvOS for TVs.

New policies in the development systems will include the use of so-called “flags” to enable or disable the new features corrupted or incomplete somehow separate from the rest of the system to ensure the greatest possible stability and performance.

The previous method mentioned is not new or innovative Apple but used by software companies, other major such as Microsoft and Google.

The difference in changing the way Apple deal with the development of their systems was the launch of the iOS update 13 in September and then followed with eight updates of the subsidiary so far to fix the various problems throughout the two months this is not usual.

iOS 14 .. new changes

Work the new method will apply to iOS 14, which is being developed currently, has lead Apple to postpone the several advantages it planned for a later time in order to tip the stability of the system rather than add new features not take adequate of development and testing.

All of the above mentioned monitoring site Bloomberg in a recent report addressed a meeting of the president of the software division at Apple, “Mr. Craig were”. Currently working the Apple on the beta version of the iOS update 13.3 in preparation for its launch soon.

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