Report – iPad new cheap price coming in 2019 !

Recently Apple launched the iPad Pro 2018 in markets such as tablets fine specifications and also the high price that it may not suit a lot of users who are looking for solutions to the economic in devices is acceptable with a suitable price. Apple is aware of this well it seems they will provide cheaper versions of the iPad in the coming period.تقرير - أجهزة آيباد جديدة رخيصة الثمن قادمة خلال 2019 !

The iPad Mini may come back again!

According to a recent report of China Times news China, Apple will launch the fifth generation of the iPad Mini during the first half of 2019 in addition to the two other specs and a lower price.

It is worth mentioning that the series of iPad Mini have not been updated since September 2015 and the last versions is iPad mini fourth generation iPad Mini 4 screen his outstanding leadership of its 7.9-inch, which has prompted some to believe that Apple won’t launch any other devices new.

آيباد ميني قد يعود من جديد!The iPad Mini may come back again!

As for the other versions cheaper than the iPad will be like iPad the current (sixth generation) screen 9.7 inch, with some improvements in design and specifications and the price starts from 300$. This kind of iPad was a huge success and higher sales over the past two years, where the cheapest iPad at all.

Site report, China Times also pointed to Apple working to reduce the cost of production in the next versions of the iPad via the purchase screen Korea Industry at discounted prices.

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