Report: iPhone 11 uses the same OLED screen that the Samsung phones new

According to the site THELEC, the Apple TV may use materials OLED screen for iPhone 11 as those found in phones, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.

For iPhone X, iPhone XS, use Apple’s premium range of material – supposedly customized by Apple – but this report says that Apple will not do this for iPhone 11.

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The site says that the screen of the iPhone X and iPhone XS bear the name “LT2”, while the OLED panel used in the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 marked “M9”. The report claims that models iPhone 11 Pro will use the materials M9 screens OLED own also.

So, if you look at the performance of the phone’s screen Samsung’s modern, it must be the iPhone killer like him.

Of course, will Apple also rely on Samsung to manufacture and provide a screen 5.8-inch and 6.5 inch Series OLED iPhone.

It is not clear why no longer Apple TV used a different set of materials. Maybe meet the Samsung model now high quality standards for the Apple TV. There may also be logistical factors and my price into account.

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