Report – iPhone 12 Pro phones may lose a very important feature!

We are now on the verge of announcing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro phones, but there is news that is not happy about it, as the latest reports indicate that it will not come with the advantage of supporting a refresh rate of 120 hertz in the screen!

Report - iPhone 12 Pro phones may lose a very important feature!

According to journalist Ross Young, who is familiar with the news of the technical hardware industry and supply chains, the iPhone 12 Pro in particular will come with screens that support a refresh rate of 120 hertz, but the user will not benefit from them because there are not enough chips or electronic circuits due to the lack of supply.

IPhone 12 Pro – the tough choice for Apple

In this case, Apple has two options, both of which are difficult. The first is delaying the launch date of the iPhone 12 Pro phones – which were intended to exclusively support this feature – from the predetermined date until all required chips and electronic circuits are completed.

This option may incur losses for Apple in favor of competitors who will tire of waiting or resort to buying cheaper versions of iPhone 12 that do not support this feature.

The second option currently on offer is to launch iPhone 12 Pro phones without activating the 120 hertz refresh rate and only being satisfied with the traditional 60 hertz refresh rate, losing this feature will give competitors an advantage as the high screen refresh rate has become a key feature in all high-end phones.

We recall again that the OLED screens in the iPhone 12 Pro phones support a refresh rate of 120 hertz, but Apple does not find the electronic circuits integrated circles IC that make the pixels light up at a rate of 120 times per second.

There are a lot of reports suggesting that Apple may sacrifice this feature in order to launch the iPhone 12 Pro phones at the specified date in conjunction with the availability of the less expensive iPhone 12 phones, but that may affect a large group of users frustration.

Currently, there are competing phones with a screen refresh rate of 90, 120 and 144 hertz, and for gamers this is a quantum leap in the gaming experience and the smoothness of the graphics on the screen. All iPhone phones up to this point have a traditional 60 hertz screen refresh rate, so will this continue to be the case with iPhone 12? The coming days alone will answer this question, as the date of the official announcement is soon.

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