Report – iPhone 7 issued by the radiation of the radio too!

Conducted newspaper Chicago Tribune American tests on the iPhone 7 revealed that these phones produce radiation radio wireless more than the allowable limit for the safety of the user.

تقرير - هواتف آيفون 7 يصدر عنها إشعاعات راديوية زائدة عن الحد!

Report – iPhone 7 issued by the radiation of the radio too!

According to the newspaper, the tests were made on the basis of the standards of the US Federal Communications Commission the FCC has also been testing other phones to ensure the accuracy of the results. The iPhone 7 is making a call through it and put it in liquid and trying to the tissues of the body in conjunction with the measurement of the ratio of radio-wave wireless absorbed in the liquid.

The results showed that the released by the iPhone 7 exceed the normal limits allowed in the tissues of the body to absorb it. Also the results indicated three phones from Samsung bearing of the radio is less than the normal limit.

Commenting on this report, survey Apple has released a statement rejecting the allegations about the phones iPhone confirmed that has always been committed to safety standards issued by the US Federal Communications Commission and in each state in which it operates phones the iPhone, as I suspected the Apple TV the way you conducted the testing and accuracy of results.

The American Federal Communications Commission FCC said that will make her own choices on phones are the subject of an indictment in the coming months.

Scientifically there is still dispute in the scientific community about the effect of the radio wave wireless issued for mobile phones on the human body, some research says it doesn’t affect at all. some other says that no harmful effects cumulatively shows with long use.

In general, if you want to avoid any potential damage of your smartphone, especially if you experience long-distance you must first carry it in a bag away from your body as well as the use earbuds connected to the phone or the speakerphone Speaker when making calls.

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