Report: iPhones attracted more Android users

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Refers to a new report by market research firm CIRP to phone iPhone new iPhone XR may attract a much greater proportion of users of Android in the United States during the first month of its launch compared to the launch models of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in the past year, which reinforces the idea that Apple is successfully broadening the base of buyers instead of just selling its devices for users of the iPhone, and after that the form of the cost of the iPhone is a major problem standing Android users.

She explained CIRP that 16 percent of customers of Apple Americans who bought the iPhone after Apple issued iPhone XR On 26 October were from former Android user who decided to switch to the new iPhone, and these numbers increase by 33 percent compared to the number of persons who have to give up on Android phones after the launch models of the iPhone 8.

They also constitute an increase of 45 percent in the number of Android users who switch to the iPhone in the month following the launch of the iPhone X, reported CIRP this summer that people who were excluded Android devices during the season all the former were more likely to buy style least expensive from Apple, which is iPhone SE that has been stopped now, they were less likely to turn to your iPhone X new.

Although the data clearly show that most of the customers of Apple come from the base of current users, the proportion of upgrades to Android have risen this year, while I found the CIRP in the same study for 2017 that 11 percent of buyers of the iPhone were previous Android users.

Writes Mike Levin Mike Levin, partner and co-founder of CIRP: “it seems that the iPhone XR has succeeded in attracting the users of Android current. Of course, don’t share Apple’s clearly from the strategy launch, but based on pricing and features, we can infer that Apple may have put your iPhone XR to rival Android phones in the same category price”.

She explained the indicators of a weakness in general in the demand for the iPhone XS and XS Max and XR, this report comes after speculation that demand for the iPhone decreases with the leadership of the suppliers to reduce their expectations, the announcement of Apple that they won’t disclose unit sales, the report found that the new model iPhone XR constitutes 32 percent of the total sales of the iPhone in the United States during the thirty days that followed its introduction to the market.

The report found that 16 percent of buyers of the iPhone have done to the Algarve from an Android phone in a period of thirty days after the launch of the iPhone XR, while the proportion of 12 percent of the common phones Apple upgrading from Android phone after the release the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in September 2017, while the figure was 11 percent when it was version iPhone X in the month of November 2017.

Greg was the Joseon you Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Vice President Product Marketing, has said in an interview last month that the iPhone XR was more iPhone popular company has every day since the day it became available.

The gate Arab News Technical Report: iPhones attracted more Android users

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