Report – it seems that the iOS system is not safe enough!

Perhaps the most notable feature phones, the iPhone is iOS system offers stable performance and a high level of security and privacy, this specifically was the fundamental pillar of an advertising campaign launched by Apple recently bear the slogan “What happens on your iPhone stays on the iPhone”. The Washington Post famously questioned about it in investigative journalism investigative’t posted recently.

تقرير - يبدو أن نظام iOS ليس آمناً بما فيه الكفاية!

Report – it seems that the iOS system is not safe enough!

The newspaper and the post used a company called Disconnect in the field of security, protection and investigation has uncovered about 4500 followers data present in the application that the user downloaded from the App Store, where you import the user data such as phone number, email, geographic location and other periodically repetitive.

Says to all followers send data to the servers of private companies to serve different purposes chiefly used in advertising campaigns and targeted advertising. These followers were running through the property renewal application in the Background Background App Refresh, which we recommend you need to disable it by going to Settings > General General.

من الأفضل تعطيل خيار تجديد التطبيقات في الخلفية Background App Refresh

It is better to disable the option to renew the application in the Background Background App Refresh

According to the Washington Post, the size of the data which is sent from the phones of users each month via the app and metals using trackers Trackers reach 1.5 GB per month!

This puts Apple in a very awkward position, but he pushes her to press on the application developers for more transparency regarding the collection of user data as well as the development of new options in front of the user to in the privacy of his data even more.

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