Report Kryptowire confirming on malware in more than 140 application landed

The company issued Kryptowire security its new report which emphasizes on that more than 140 of the apps from the landed to threaten users with harmful.

Moving company Kryptowire on monitoring the application of landed that threaten users with harmful through the report is issued annually, and the report of the latter company revealed that the apps that include malware now number 146 application.

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As noted in the report Kryptowire to applications that contain malware come pre-installed on phones, Andorid smartphone, which is a greater threat to the users of the phones landed, given the difficulty of avoiding these apps, the only way to avoid purchasing the versions of the target brands.

The report also revealed that the target phones apps harmful come across 27 companies made smart phones, comes from the signs of small business like Cubot or Doogee, coupled with significant business relationships, including Samsung, share, Sony among other companies.

By the last report Kryptowire some security holes that appear as a result of this application, including the ability to record audio of the user, or change the permissions of the app, besides the ability to hack the phone and change the settings.

Recall that the company Kryptowire had been notified of the smartphone manufacturers already report the latter on the phones landed, and Samsung confirmed to take actions to counter the malicious apps, and Google has some alliances with external actors to end the malicious apps in the Google Play.


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