Report : LG will Phone LG G8 ThinQ in Barcelona next month

There is no appropriate the best of the World Conference for cell MWC 2019, you’ll be in LG for a phone of its flagship and knowledge of his predecessor in the name of LG G8 ThinQ to be the first phones of the company in 2019.

Reports coming from the Korean press ETNews suggest that LG identified on February 24, the next date to reveal the phone where the company intends to early in asking phone will help to improve its position in the mobile phone market, and thereby improve the sales and return customers to buy LG phones.

Leaks about the phone suggest that the company is going to surprise everyone with a phone offers a large screen with the protrusion in the form of a drop with three rear cameras capable of imaging three-dimensional it is assumed that the phone works processor Snapdragon 855.

Also indicate News that LG is working on a version fine from the phone you will get a secondary display and the advantages of the best flagship phone of which support connect to 5G.


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