Report: manufacturers of Android phones are serving the users about the security updates


Equivalent to many Android phones slow in getting updates to the new operating system, according to the latest update published by Google during the month of February last, and only 1.1% of users of Android, they can access the latest version of the operating system, which is a disaster, especially for users phones iPhone, who get the latest iOS directly.

According to the published site engadget American, revealed security research company Security Research Labs, that many of the manufacturers of phones Android lying on its users, in respect of the security updates are missing, as they make some of the updates are security fixes in the Android despite the fact that the phones show that they have been installed.

Spent two researchers Karsten Nohl وJakob Lell two years in the analysis of Android devices, in order to ascertain whether the phones had already installed the security updates that refer manufacturers to provide their organs or not.

Found two researchers that many of the devices have what is known as the “gap updates”, where the system supports the phone that it was up to date with security patches, but it actually opens up to a dozen updates, and this appears to be an isolated incident., where the company refers the security research they have tested the firmware on more than 1200 Phone of different companies like Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola along with a number of Chinese companies such as ZTE and TCL.

Update Android

Focused tests on all security updates for Android that have been released in the last year, they found that even the flagship smartphones of Samsung and Sony didn’t get sometimes on the patch, which is in the end a big problem, so it is possible to know that the risk of penetration due to the lack of security updates.


Launched the company’s Security Research Labs tool called SnoopSnitch via Store apps Android, can analyse the firmware on the phone to address the fact that the device security updates are installed or missing, and to find out whether the user is safe or not, the report indicates that the phones for Google, Samsung and Sony tend to provide all security patches, but that the biggest problem the show has a number of Chinese companies.

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