Report: Microsoft wants to buy the complete works of Tik Tok global

Company seeks Microsoft to reach a deal to buy all of the work (tick tock) TikTok world, according to a reported newspaper (Financial Times) Thursday, citing five sources familiar with the talks.

However, he said a source familiar with the discussions told Reuters: if Microsoft did not raise the prospect of buying a business (tick tock) the whole in its negotiations with the company (MB Dan) ByteDance Chinese owners.

Microsoft said: it seeks to buy assets (Tik Tok) in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Did not unveil the amount you want to pay it, and with that sources told Reuters previously: the company executives (MB Dan) value (tick tock) by more than $ 50 million.

According to the newspaper (Financial Times), the company is exploring the possibility of adding areas, such as: India, Europe, to the page. According to the Press, citing a source close to the (MB Dan) in India that there is “a deal is not separated in” with Microsoft in order to (tick tock India) but it failed.

And need (tick tock) a deadline until September 15 to complete the sale of its operations in the United States to Microsoft or face a ban in the United States.

Referred to that report (Financial Times) comes after just one day say Apple TV: she’s not interested acquired (Tik Tok), so even with the report issued by the position of Axios news who described the company as a potential buyer of the social network.

She explained to Apple that there are no talks at the moment to get the application of Tik Tok, and has no plans to pursue such a transaction.

Last week, Trump said: he plans to prohibit the application of Tik Tok amid fears that his ownership of the Chinese represent a threat to national security because of the personal data they handle.

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