Report: Motorola working on the development of a new phone screen with bump name One Power

The phone you are working on a Motorola that works with Android Wen that provide Android updates quickly.

In April, Motorola announced the first batch of smartphones for the year 2018 with a series of my phones Moto G6 and Moto E5, in recent weeks we have seen a number of leaks on her phone associated with Moto Z3 Play store, but it seems that it’s not all in the quiver of the company that was once owned by Google.

But before that, let us recall that Motorola, currently owned by Lenovo of China, has been over the past years hate three series of smartphones namely Moto G and Moto Z and Moto E, and last year we witnessed the return of the series Moto X, but earlier rumors have been proven already that there will be a second generation of this series, the reason behind this may explain the leak.

As reported by Android Headlines that the company is working on a new phone as the Motorola One Power, and revealed a photo posted on the site of what will appear on you phone. And to understand that the phone will come with the Android platform Wen.

Notes in the picture – if your health of course – that the phone will adopt the trend in the smartphone market currently, it is the screen the same extrusion. It is believed that a Power of Chi that there are more than version of the phone, one of which focused on energy.

This, there are currently no details about the specifications of the device, but today’s report indicates that it is expected to launch this device in the United States. However, it is not clear when Motorola announced Motorola One Power, or provide his.

What do you think of the design of the phone, and waiting for a phone from Motorola with a screen the same bulge. Share your opinion the comments.


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