Report Netflix the past leads to the decrease of the company’s shares by 10%

Announced Netflix for its financial report for the period between April to June, which revealed good revenues with a slowdown in paid subscriptions has led to a decrease in the company’s shares by 10%.

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I didn’t put Netflix clear expectations of the results of the decline of the number of participants in the service of the company paid in the United States and international markets, where the company experienced a significant decline in the number of participants in the regions, which increased the value of the monthly contributions for the service.

I have confirmed the police report on the loss of the company number 126000 users to serve the company paid in the United States, while the registration of the subscription number 352000 new user in the paid service of the company.

Projections indicate that the main reason for this decline is observed due to lack of exclusive content and new about the service, where did not provide Netflix new shows, only that the company is on its way to launch the “Stranger Things” is expected to support subscriptions during the second quarter, according to forecasts of the company, along with the new season of the show “Orange Is the New Black”.

On the other hand, have Netflix in the world markets the number of 2.83 million subscribers in the service company paid, a number that is less than the company’s expectations for the quarter that pointed to a 4.81 million subscribers, but that the company achieved in the end of the year increase in the number of participants in the services of the company increased by 21.9%.


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