Report: Nintendo Wii for Switch on its way to PS4 sales next year

تقرير: نيتندو سويتش في طريقه لتخطي مبيعات PS4 العام القادم

The timing of the company Strategy Analytics increased turnout to buy the gaming console into Switch next year; so that will overtake the sales of Sony’s device by the PS4 according to the police report, are considered to switch the Dark Horse of the company in the current time period is the best to buy Nintendo since the duration is not quite some time after the disappointment streak in earlier versions, it has the distinction of the Thanksgiving holiday last week increased by an excellent sales person by the declaration of Nintendo.

Predicted Strategy Analytics that the number of gaming units sold in 2019 from Nintendo Switch 17.3 million while the sales of the PS4 from Sony would be the limits of the 17.1 million will come in the second place Microsoft with the Xbox by 10 million units, and look for differences too great between Nintendo and Sony in the statistics, but it is sufficient to go back her gaming console decaying for the top spot for the first time in a decade.

Perhaps next year will also get updates on the Switch as according to some rumors making the opportunity to the company to increase the number of sales if they correspond to the wishes of the different spectra of fan collectables gaming console, but you can’t ignore that Sony still has the largest base of users up to consider covering devices PS4 what proportion of 84% of the total versions owned by the user.

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