Report – phones iPhone 12 might lack the speed of the lift is super!

To come series phones Evo 12 with the technique of the fifth-generation networks, in some states, which will provide the speed of connection is extremely high compared to the networks of the fourth generation, but although it will lack the technique of a 2×2 MIMO for Uplink.تقرير - هواتف ايفون 12 قد تفتقد إلى سرعة رفع فائقة!

What is a technique for 2×2 MIMO is?

Is a technique used in the supported devices on the wireless network, whether wifi or phone networks and send and receive data via more than one connection at the same time across the same frequency which eventually leads to raising the efficiency of the data transfer rate.

If the device supports technology 1×1 MIMO it contains one antenna and if it supports 2×2 MIMO it has two antennas and thus the greater the number of the MIMO, the greater the efficiency of the connection speed and signal.

Phones Evo 12 may not provide the speed of lifting the biggest

Phones Evo 12 may support up to 4×4 or 6×6 MIMO with regard to the speed of the download Downlink the lifting speed Uplink’t none of them used the technique of 2×2 MIMO, which means that the US relies on two antennas to send (raise) the data but rather one antenna which may limit the speed of maximum leverage on those devices.

The presence of support of networks of the fifth generation on some phones the faith may not be affected so much due to the communication speed superior both in the download or the lift may not be to note the difference in normal use.

Maybe the difference might appear more clearly in the versions of Evo 12 operating networks of the fourth generation with the speed of relatively lower which will reach most Arab countries, and also will not note the difference if the device is used in a region with strong coverage and speed of connection is high.

Keep the information above is uncertain in the framework of the rampant rumors currently about the series Evo 12 and we’re not going to the final specifications detail that only with the official announcement in September.

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