Report – phones iPhone 12 will be launched on time without delay!

The web site reported Bloomberg a new report stating that Apple will launch phones Evo 12 on schedule without postponing due to the high epidemic of MERS-CoV.

تقرير - هواتف ايفون 12 سوف يتم إطلاقها في موعدها دون تأخير!

One of the reasons cited in the report to explain that the production process of the actual series phones Evo 12 will not start only by the month of May next.

Despite the closure of production plants in China however, Apple has managed to create the prototypes and tested. The report noted that the development process is possible and design them ended apple end of last year and requires the time plan of the industry the outer shell in April, and then the compilation and production of the final in May, and then the final announcement and the beginning of the launch in September.

Even now there is no any disorder in the time plan set already by Apple and if you managed to send their employees during the month to China to finish the design and fix some of the problems you’ll are going to plan as it is.

Initially influenced by the process of the production of devices Apple currently available in the market due to the closure of production plants in China for weeks after the ebb of the epidemic a little bit there I started those factories in the back but less frequently.

The reason for this slow process of supply from other sources present in different countries like Malaysia, and if she comes back to work will control the production process at the same pace natural by the epidemic.

The report also pointed out that the devices iPad Pro 2020 that was recently announced had been manufactured in the month of January by the explosion of the crisis of MERS-CoV.

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