Report – phones iPhone 12 will support a new type of WiFi!

Phones Evo 12 which will release the end of the year will support a new type of WiFi called IEEE 802.11 ay according to Japanese website MacOtakara.تقرير - هواتف ايفون 12 سوف تدعم نوع جديد من الوايفاي!

802.11 ay is the next version of the technology to the IEEE 802.11 ad they give four times as fast and talk and transfer data across four channels, send/receive, also depend on high frequencies up to 60 GHz.

According to the site of the Japanese technology WiFi new will depend on the wave with wavelengths, Ultra-Micro, which is due to this technique may be used to communicate between the phones and the faith of some data transfer on a limited scale, in other words you may think you have a property to AirDrop to transfer and share files, e-mailed and well received at a higher speed compared to the speed of the Transport current, and also to connect the phones faith with other Apple.

It is worth mentioning that earlier reports had indicated that Apple is working on devices with virtual reality and augmented reality will call by name they wirelessly through technology WiFi the new 802.11 ay this may be one of their uses of the future in the case of the Apple, none of the previous devices mentioned.

Site Bloomberg the American had mentioned earlier that Apple will put devices impact of virtual / augmented during the years 2021 or 2022 at the latest in order to use it with the games and watch the video and conversations and meetings remotely.

In respect of communications other wireless, it is sure that the phones Evo 12 will support the 5G super speed using modem Qualcomm X50.

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