Report – phones iPhone will not support 5G this year!

Phones iPhone, which will be launched end of this year will not support 5G according to the analyst, the famous Ming-Chi Kuo it will be postponed that for the next year.

تقرير - هواتف الآيفون لن تدعم شبكات الجيل الخامس 5G هذا العام!Report – phones iPhone will not support 5G this year!

Phones the iPhone killer, in 2020 the next will come all with the support of networks of the fifth generation 5G without exception to match the Android phones, and the competition.

Apple TV you will develop segments of their own after its acquisition of sector Intel to produce a chipset of the mobile in a deal amounting to a million dollars, but this will be in the year 2021 while you will rely on Qualcomm to supply them with 5G next year because the development process will take a long time.

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo will support iPhone 2020 the fifth-generation networks, both: the scope of sub-6 GHz Sub-6GHz, the scope of the Miller mmWave. With differences in the maximum speed of each.

Not the advent of 5G in cell phones iPhone this might be a frustrating for those intent on purchase private and some Arab states such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and others will witness the launch of this technology on a large scale during the next few months and years.

5G will offer connection speeds fictional ranging from 1 to 2 GB per second, this is not a reality as we have mentioned in detail in a previous report about the test the speed of 5G within the city of Chicago.

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