Report: pre-booking for the iPhone XS is less than the expected

This topic report: pre-booking for the iPhone XS is less than expected appeared on Engadget.

A new report reveals the first indications of the requests of the prior reservation for Apple, and confirms the low demand for the iPhone XS.


Still Apple under the spotlight after the official announcement of the iPhone XS XS Max to the side of the iPhone XR, where she began to Peeps first care audience barrage of new releases to emerge.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo which was published today, the iPhone XS is the version least in orders for pre-order yet, if what was compared to the proportion of the demand for expected from Apple.

The reason for the reduced orders, the pre-order for the iPhone XS according to Kuo, the lack of changes in the external design of the nurses compared to the previous version of the iPhone X.

Also confirmed report indicate that all of the phones iPhone XS and iPhone XR no role also in the decrease of pre orders for the iPhone XS.

Initial indications book iPhone XS XS Max and also iPhone XR, led to a change Kuo also forecasts initial sales of 10 to 15%, after that was the expansion of the proportion of the 15 to 20%.

Also changed the expectations of the sales of Apple’s initial iPhone XR, which rose according to Kuo to the ratio of between 55 to 60% of sales of the new phones.

Also among the primary indicators snap-in pre orders for the iPhone XS-Max possible age-related, but it was able to achieve positive results in the reservation requests.

The report also emphasizes that interest in the greatest cell phone iPhone XS Max appeared in the Chinese market, given the features of interest to users of big screen, dual SIM along with a characteristic golden color.

Due to the positive indications for the iPhone XS Max, Kuo confirms in this report on the ratio of sales between 25 to 30%, and any sales of 75-80 million units until the end of 2018.

The report also mentioned the Apple Watch Smart Series 4, which investigated the indicators of the initial request and Prior booking more than expected.

This is due to several features new in a larger screen, and the new monitor the rate of heartbeat, you may also rise the sales of Apple Smart Watch to 18 million units until the end of this year.


This topic report: pre-booking for the iPhone XS is less than expected appeared on Engadget.

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