Report: pre-orders of the Galaxy Note9 overtake the Galaxy S9

I started a company Samsung and retail customers all over the world to receive pre-orders of the Galaxy Note9 last week. The company was expecting to surpass sales of the initial phone to the Galaxy S9, the first smartphone flagship of Samsung this year, and now came a report from South Korea confirms their expectations.

Although Samsung is the timing of the beginning of the current year to overtake sales of the Galaxy S9 on sales of predecessor Galaxy S8, but that didn’t happen, so that sales are weak for the phone to pay her to expedite the announcement of Galaxy Note9.

It is noteworthy that even the South Koreans weren’t excited about the phone’s new flagship due to its lack of significant upgrades. Samsung has been acknowledged in the report of quarterly earnings last that the revenue’s mobile phone division has been adversely affected due to decreased sales of the Galaxy S9.

In comparison, we find that the Galaxy Note9 did not come in different core design, but it came with significant improvements, such as the battery capacity of 4,000 mAh and storage space with a capacity of 512 GB, in addition to electronic pen S Pen, which has become supports Bluetooth technology.

According to a source from a local Telecom, reported Korean media that the Galaxy Note9 has seen more pre-orders compared to the Galaxy S9. A company representative said: “the number of pre-orders on the Galaxy Note9 higher by nearly 30% to 50% of the Galaxy S9”.

Despite the strong numbers, it is said that pre-orders for the Galaxy Note9 rewarded with nearly 80% of pre-orders for Galaxy Note8 last year. Came phone last year after the debacle of the Galaxy Note7, so came the demand for them is strong.

It should be noted that pre-orders of the Galaxy Note9 in South Korea ends today, to start on Friday charging the phone there and in other markets of the world.

Do you expect to surpass sales of Galaxy Note9 on the Galaxy S9’s? Let me know in the comments.

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