Report: revealed the details of the cameras for iPhone 2019 2020

It seems that the focus of Apple in iPhones 2020 will be to strengthen the capacity of the camera to fit augmented reality applications, as you may come to one of the iPhones 2019 at least with a camera of a third, according to the report of the new Bloomberg.

IPhone 2019

According to informed sources, the at least one of the iPhones 2019, often is the large version Khalifa XS Max, you might enjoy back with three.

Instead of to be a function of the second camera to identify a three-dimensional scene as it was in the public domain, will work as wide angles to shoot a scene wide can be rounded (Zou) to greater extents.

It seems that Apple is planning to feature photos live video recording by some title, to double their working time to 6 seconds.

The source added that Apple is seriously considering launching iPhones 2019 USB-C instead of lightning, what makes it compatible with many Chargers third-party accessories.

Add this to the advent of phones, 2019 at the rate of a new product and update the FaceID, but with the same design as the iPhones 2018.

IPhone 2020

While it was common to use a third camera for three-dimensional scene (3D camera) on one of the iPhones 2019, it seems that Apple decided to delay the camera to the iPhones 2020, according to Bloomberg.

Will the 3D camera in the iPhones 2020 on the laser rather than the technique of projecting the points of light used in the iPhone X and XS; allows the laser to identify all the elements of the scene within 15 feet (4.5 meters), while the current technical work in the range of 20-25 cm only.

Besides the 3D camera, there will be a third camera is a sophisticated successor, iPhones 2020, and focus on improving photography in general.

The 3D camera will be on improving augmented reality applications with accurate identification on the depth of the scene allows the development of virtual elements in the scene with high precision, as they add to the sound quality regular also, it is said that Apple discussed its development with Sony.

While the virtual reality in user mode inside a digital environment is fictional, add augmented reality apps data visualizations to the real world, such as the display of detailed data about the structure of the buildings within the three-dimensional graphics of the building or view the detailed instructions of the method of repairing defective device with three-dimensional images illustrate the installation, a lot of potential applications, which seek Apple to enable its use across its devices.

It is expected that integrated iPhones 2020 with a system of augmented reality, scheduled to be launched by Apple during the same year, in order to provide the experience of leading the development of augmented reality.

The source stated that the 3D camera may first appear on the iPad Pro linked in the spring of 2020, confirmed the arrival of the iPad 10-inch low-cost through the spring of 2019 –the period between March and may.

Finally, the source assured that the support networks of the fifth generation will come with the iPhones 2020, not in any time before that.

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