Report: revenue growth video $ 36 million through 2017


Revealed a new report about the growth of the industry Video Games in the United States through fiscal year 2017, reaching revenues of approximately $ 36 million, which is an increase of 18% from the previous year, where these revenues are the total sales of each of the devices, general Video Accessories, in addition to the video itself by a digital or copied on CD, in addition to purchases within the games.

العاب فيديو

According to the published site venturebeat the U.S., It has made Nintendo Japanese sales reached 4.8 million units of the device general Switch through 2017, to achieve a record number of Americans, so during the ten months of the launch of the device, the market for gaming devices American a big occasion, especially after Microsoft launched a new version of the Xbox supports 4K quality.

Hardware sales video game world

The report noted that sales of the devices, general video world amounted to about $ 6.9 million in revenues software general video and purchases within the games to 29.1 miyar dollars during the past year, and the year was 2017, characteristic to the developers of the games no matter what platform its as well as to hardware manufacturers.

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